Zayn Malik neck veins appreciation


Little acrylic drawing:)


Little acrylic drawing:)

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Anonymous asked: The little boy's name Harry brought on stage yesterday is Cameron, and they kept calling him Eric lol. His mom tweeted about it and said he was confused this morning because they kept calling him the wrong name lmao how cute


she’s lucky she got that kid back, harry renamed him and was ready 2 raise him on his own

A Little Bit Of Your Heart
Ariana Grande

written by Harry Styles and Johan Carlsson

i don’t ever ask you
where you’ve been
and i don’t feel the need to
know who you’re with
i can’t even think straight
but i can tell
that you were just with her
and i’ll still be your fool
i’m a fool for you

just a little bit of your heart [x3]
is all i want
just a little bit of your heart [x2]
just a little bit is all i’m asking for

i don’t ever tell you
how i really feel
i can’t find the words to
say what i mean
nothing’s ever easy
that’s what they say
i know i’m not your only
but i’ll still be your fool
'cause i'm a fool for you


i know i’m not your only
but at least i’m one

i heard a little love
is better than none

[chorus x2]

Harry with little Cameron  | Nashville 19.08


Road to Vegas: One Direction


Harry and babies. 


Louis and babies. 


Louis with his baby. 


Harry holding a baby while Louis comes up from behind and puts his hand against the baby’s back and around his baby. 


So close.


I’m fine. 

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